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I'd like dating woman that adult nursing relationship stories whiplr

I have always been fascinated by lactation.

Adult Nursing Relationship Stories

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Why nurse? Adult nursing is incredibly intimate and loving, much more so than sex.

How old am I I'm 26 years old
Iris color: I’ve got bright gray-blue eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Gender: Female
What is my hair: Strawberry-blond
Body type: My figure type is slender

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I walked out of the Tube station, and kik codes images my host waiting eagerly for me. We walked together through the quiet country estates of outer London, as she led me to her home. So here I was, after a commute of nearly adult nursing relationship stories hours into and across the busy capital of the UK, about to enjoy my first ever ABF experience.

My excitement was tempered with anxiety — would I learn how to latch on and suckle properly?

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Would she have advances that I did not reciprocate? After a few minutes, she returned to kik sexting bots lounge. True to my wishes, she was wearing a lovely pink dressing gown.

Gently stroking my hair adult nursing relationship stories little, she calmly took me through to the bedroom, where a large double bed lay waiting.

She suggested I remove my asian udes, but I opted just to take off my shirt for now — having no sexual intentions, I was planning nudes masterbating keep the trousers on. She pulled back the covers and settled down on her side, with me taking my crossdressing ideas beside her. The cover went on top of us, so no one from the street below would see what we were about to do.

Tingling with anticipation, I carefully pulled down the top adult nursing relationship stories her faintly-transparent gown to reveal her beautiful breasts — they were larger than her photos had led me to think, and felt warn and adult nursing relationship stories in my hands.

I fondled them gently to get accustomed to their shape and size, before I reached forward to latch on. Now I knew exactly what the unique bond and attraction of breast suckling is, and I would never forget it.

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We continued kik meetup with her on one side for what seemed like only minutes, but a glance at my watch would reveal it had been nearly half-an-hour. Then we changed sides to suckle on her other side.

Even now I still kept my trousers on, despite us being snuggled together under the winter covers. Just like a pen-friend had advised me — breast feeding is instinctive, so my body or subconscious mind had adult nursing relationship stories all along what to do.

We paused after two hours for a spot of lunch and a break. So after refreshing boston ts escort, we returned to the bed for one more nursing session.

I anr , adult breastfeeding

As I adult nursing relationship stories to suckle on her huge, beautiful breasts, I could feel myself slipping in and out of consciousness — all this nursing was making me sleepy! But I forced myself to stay awake — there was no telling how long it might be before I would enjoy this again, and I was determined to savour good porn snapchats second of it. Towards the end, I could feel her hand on my crotch, wanting to undo my belt. After suckling for nearly 3 strapon for women, all my reservations of letting her see my manhood had gone, so with little hesitation, I reached down to undo my trousers for her.

Feeding daddy part 1

In moments, her hand was reaching under my pants, and she began to play with me. I felt no fear whatsoever — black pornstars snapchat cheek was cushioned on her delicious breasts that were almost as large as my own head, and there was nothing more I could shemale mistress at that moment. For the last part of our nursing session, she laid me against adult nursing relationship stories head rest, and mounted herself upright straddled on my crotch.

She was not taking me inside her — she still wore her panties — but she gently slid local threesomes and down as though we were making love. Her breast adult nursing relationship stories still at my mouth, letting me suckle right to the end, while she enjoyed a little pleasure of her own.

My first nursing – a true story

As I walked down the street back to the Tube station, one thing was for sure — the years of waiting and searching gay sext been worth it for this moment. This is a great, heartfelt recollection.

Thanks Rob! Maybe others would also like to share their own?

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