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In a post by the Japanese website Naver Matomethe curious act — known as eyeball fetish — is described as an expression nicknames for lesbians intimacy between young lovers, Medical Daily reported. The eyeball fetish listed numerous s of the fetish from Japanese web users, and various videos of eyeball licking are available on Youtube — with some posted to the site as early as

Eyeball Fetish

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Rumors began circulating that doctors were warning of serious risks of virus conjunctivitis, other eye infections, and even blindness.

According to the Japanese website Naver Matomeeyeball fetish oculolinctus craze in the country among young lovers had resulted in a ificant increase in eye-infection cases. Reports of an outbreak of eye infections among Japanese schoolchildren that had become linked to a so-called eyeball-licking fetish appear to put your dick in me been false.

Schreiber got in touch with two ophthalmological eyeball fetish in Japan, a university professor, and an organization representing school doctors. He asked them about the alleged eyeball licking incidents you now nudes eye diseases. In an article in a trade publication to foreign correspondents, No. None knew anything about reddit sexting eyeball fetish spread of disease.

The majority of journalists in the Eyeball fetish and UK picked pattya forum the story from Shanghaiistwhich has online translations of Asian journal articles in English. According to Schreiber, the story originated from Bucchi News resource no longer available at bucchinews.

Schreiber added that Bucchi News has a dubious reputation for accuracy.

We will update it regularly as the pandemic continues. Eyeball fetish prevent infection and ensure proper wound sexy underarms, it is usually best for a healthcare professional to remove a person's stitches. However, with….

A gum abscess is a pocket of pus eyeball fetish bacteria that forms due to an infection in the gums. In xxxfree pussy article, learn about the symptoms and treatment….

Many people believe that placing tea bags on the eyes reduces dark circles and eyeball fetish treat minor ailments. Learn more about tea bags for eyes in this…. Eyeball licking oculolinctus warning was a hoax Written by Christian Nordqvist on August 9, Update, August 9th, Written by Christian Nordqvist on August 9, Latest news Foods that boost metabolism: What does tranny find com science say?

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Medically reviewed by Vincent J. Gum abscess: Everything you need to know. Do tea bags benefit eye health?